DevOps Consultancy

Our DevOps consultancy spans the complete lifecycle of a team, from inception and strategy, right through to delivery and continual improvement. We are able to tackle projects as diverse as setting up greenfield projects to be Agile/DevOps driven, through to migrating legacy projects into a more modern operational practice.

We utilise best of breed tools and techniques, ensuring that projects are able to fully utilise continuous integration and delivery, through to elastic scaling and monitoring. We are experienced at using on premises or remote clouds, and are able to help you get the most from your infrastructure investment. 

As part of our consultancy services, we are able to advise the best approach to transform an existing Development and Operations team into a harmonious and very affective DevOps centric team. We engage with every member of the team, from the CTO to the individuals to ensure that the transition is as seamless and smooth as possible.