DevOps isn't just a buzzword

DevOps can transform a business, turning underperforming and sluggish delivery teams into lean mean delivery machines. But it's not straightforward, and needs cultural, tooling and development changes. Stunt Hamster specialises in helping companies, both small and large,  embrace DevOps without the pain.


Devops consultancy

Moving to a DevOps way of working can be tricky, but we can take some of the pain out the transition, with consultancy options for the complete DevOps life cycle, technical and strategic


Automation is the driving force behind any DevOps strategy, and we specialise in using tools such as RedHat Ansible, Go-CD and Docker to bring end to end automation to any project.


devops for startups

If your running a startup, you know what the true meaning of budgeting is. We offer bespoke services at special rates for startups, allowing you to start your infrastructure the right way.